(Materials Research Instrument Facility)

The Clean Room Facility (CRF) of the Materials Research Instrument Facility (MRIF)

Professor W. A. Anderson
Tel: (716) 645-2422 ext. 1215
Fax: (716) 645-5964
e-mail: waanders@acsu.buffalo.edu

Clean Room Facility
Materials Research Instrument Facility,
State University of New York at Buffalo,
208/212 Bonner Hall, North Campus,
Buffalo, NY 14260

The Clean Room Facility of MRIF is a central shared facility for optical lithography and device processing, fabrication and testing. It plays an important role in providing a range of fabrication and processing capabilities to the researchers on the campus of University at Buffalo, as well as off-campus industries and other institutions in the Buffalo area and elsewhere in the state.


The CRF consists of a 300 sq. ft class 100 space with controlled humidity and temperature, coupled to and adjacent class 1000 room without humidity and temperature control. The class 100 room contains a chemical process station, several ovens, thermal and e-beam evaporators, a mask aligner, a reactive ion etcher, and a photoresist spinner. The class 1000 room was recently completed and presently contains a Plasma-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition System, a three zone furnace and a four point probe resistance tester.

Testing capabilities include a sub-micron probe station, current-voltage-temperature, capacitance-voltage-temperature, deep level transient spectroscopy, quasistatic C-V, and cryogenic systems.

These facilities permit deposition of thin films of most dielectric and metallic materials by one of the evaporation techniques, fabrication of electron devices with features sizes greater than 2 microns, and electrical analysis of materials and devices.

Facilities in addition to the clean space:

1. Samco IC Reactive Ion Etcher

2. Integrated Technologies P-8000 Photoresist Spinner

3. Chemical Bench

4. Denton DEG-2 e-beam Evaporator

5. Denton DV502 Thermal Evaporator

6. Oriel Mask Aligner

7. Gaertner Ellipsometer

8. Alessi 4-point Probe

9. Trion-Orion Plasma Enhanced CVD System




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